Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sharing Air

Yesterday brought powerful storms
With wind, rain and lightening bolts.
It also brought my daughter and her daughters
To share with me their happiness and hopes.

Today, we have simmering, sailing seas,
With cumulus clouds promising rain.
But for now the energy is in the wind
With which the swollen sails strain.

The seagulls soar on a highway
Of cross currents we cannot see,
Celebrating their lifestyles
Where everything is truly free.

It seems that there's a symmetry
Between the seabirds and the boats
One is sailing on thewind
The other captures wind to float.

It is all part of the same cycle
Of water, wind and air
That fuels all life upon the earth
That we are so blessed to share.


  1. Love this one! I could feel the salt spray splashing over the gunnel and into my face - then feel the breeze pushing me over the water while the sun warmed my back. Ahh! The sights and sounds and smells flashing through my mind.

  2. I'm with Fred you capture a lot of memories as you set words soaring. Nice to catch these and feel the memories that they do conjur up.

    Love the poetry!