Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brother Bill

My brother Bill is coming to stay
During our open house Holler Holiday,
Along with his daughter and her baby boy.
Anticipation has me quaking with joy.

Bill’s an explorer of the first magnitude
He used to walk miles for a bit of my food
He had planned to stay in Tellico Plains
But I convinced him, Coker Creek is more sane.

He and his babies can walk back and forth
For food, and bonfires, and fun, of course
I was afraid if they stayed off the mountain top
Iced over roads would, to our fun, put a stop.

Our nephews and nieces, babies, and brothers,
Children and spouses, grandkids and their mothers,
How much delight can two weeks bring?
Makes my old body want to stand up and sing.

1 comment:

  1. Great recommendation for lodging.

    I am glad it will be close to your home. I am also filled with anticipation.

    I need to get some warmer clothes for Robbie and me.

    Time to get back to studying for next week's finals.