Thursday, December 17, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Who needs Craigslist when we have a blog? Within hours of my blog post, a faithful follower requested the rocker. Because the request came from just down the road, Richard lost no time in loading up the chair for delivery. Bob’s chair is now where Roger’s chair used to be, neither as comfortable nor cute, but the kids can’t pick it apart like they’ve been doing the wicker.

Blueberry jam made it into jars, and the blackberries are ready for crushing, having spit juice all over the stove through the release valve on our pressure cooker. Macaroons are made. After one more batch of roasted pecans, I’ll close the kitchen – until next week.

The sleigh is now loaded with catering equipment that Rachel wants to borrow for her Christmas open house. As soon as I get the gifts ready to take, I’m heading south to help Rachel get ready. Richard will have a break from me, but Mamie is borrowing him to help spruce up her guest apartment. He’s glad to do this because we just never know when we may need the overflow housing.

Our Christmas tree has made it in the door, but it still sits in its box on the floor. It’ll just have to wait until we get back from Atlanta. I have yet to buy gifts for Scott’s kids, but maybe I’ll do this with Rachel and her girls before heading back to our holler. And, if not, there’s still the day after Christmas before Brother Bill arrives.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen…

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  1. Out with the old; in with the new. I guess it makes sense to celebrate Christmas right before new year.

    I just donated some of Robbie's old toys to the church's nursery. I may have to get rid of more stuff, or we will be walking around a train set and a music table in the middle of the living room. Every nook and cranny already has something in it.

    We are used to small spaces, so we will feel at home when we get there, and I'll make sure y'all won't have to relocate again when my little hurricane comes over.