Sunday, January 17, 2010

Messes and Memories

A lovely way to spend a day,
We both slept in very late,
Then puttered to get some simple things done;
This may be our ideal date.

Richard replenished our firewood,
While I stored the Christmas tree.
When it came to the packing the village scene,
Richard agreed to help me.

It’s nice to reclaim our space,
And our slower pace in life.
I’m not sure Richard knew what would happen
When he chose me for a wife.

As I stroll around each room,
Putting things back in order,
I find a sock that may be my grandson’s,
And toys of my granddaughters.

Some to store and some to mail,
The things may be packed away.
The bills are paid. The dust has now settled.
The memories are here to stay.

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