Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flip Flopping

Richard got his dog tag, and I got the okay to travel. Now, I have to start making decisions about my itinerary. The deceased policeman’s mother and widow plan to be at the conference in Sandestin, so I need to coordinate with them before creating my calendar. Miss Miya won’t be with her dad on her birthday, but she will be in Louisiana for Mardi Gras with her Atlanta cousins.

I could probably survive another winter week in Coker Creek while I get my project plans perfected. Then my trip down south will be carefree and kid friendly until I get o the conference. But that would preclude me seeing so many other people I want to see.

When I went to Wally World, I bought myself some Saints plates and napkins, so I could have my own Superbowl party with Richard. Our friend Chuck in Mississippi will be glued to his mega screen TV watching without a party of people. I could call him every time the Saints score, and pretend we’re watching together.

Mountaintop Mary is making pizza and has promised to show us how she does it. She’s also offered to make extra for Richard to eat while I’m away. We’ll be cooking as we scan Jack’s work into Mary’s computer. I’m thrilled that Mary has chosen to work with me to make sure that Jack’s work is secure.

Officer Adam has promised to check on Richard as long as promise to make him some more artichoke rice and banana muffins when I return. He’s anxious to have a place to put his banana torpedoes other than his own freezer, as it can be pretty painful when they fly out onto your feet. I told him that he could use bad banana storage as an excuse to come keep Richard company, as long as he stores his torpedoes in our outside freezer. I want Richard to continue being able to walk.

The other consideration is that our air ambulance company has us store our medical information in the kitchen freezer. How ironic would it be to have the EMT become the patient because a banana broke his or her toe?

As soon as Richard wakes, I’ll get my suitcase packed; then I’ll be ready whenever I decide to head south. And maybe I’ll put my suitcase in the car before we go to Mary’s, just in case I want to head out from there. I’d hate to get trapped until the spring thaw…

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