Saturday, March 20, 2010

Appalachian Artistry

It wasn‘t just biscotti that Richard was baking in my absence. I went to a Coker Creek Heritage Group pot luck supper and meeting, and was regaled by many with tales of Richard’s prowess in the kitchen. It seems that half of Coker Creek experienced baked goods that he had created.

There was the banana cream cake that he made for Betty, and another that he shared with Mountaintop Mary, Don, Mamie and Jack. The Ruritans were the lucky recipients of his own creation of a mandarin orange cake. It’s a good thing I came home when I did to let everyone know that I still like Richard to cook for me. A woman just can’t be too careful if she has a man that can cook.

Josie and I had a lovely lunch, thanks to the efforts of my man. While I was away, he made a large batch of meatballs and an equally sufficient supply of spaghetti sauce, and put both in the freezer. When Josie agreed to come to lunch, all I had to do was slice some of Wal Mart’s answer to French bread, pile on the meatballs, cover with some sauce and top with feta cheese. While this warmed, I cut a cucumber, diced some red onions, sliced a few Greek olives, and tossed it all with a bit of Greek dressing. We then sat down and chatted while we chewed.Richard had run downtown for building supplies, so it was just us two ladies doing lunch.

I had been anxious to show Josie my recent art purchases. Josie is such a multi-talented artist, I knew she would appreciate all the work that went into the textile arts I brought back from Womenspeak. I’m never sure which medium of her work is my favorite, and I don’t know if there are any art media that she hasn’t tried.

We’ve been plotting to have me take some of her work on the road when I go to craft shows representing Jack. Ideally, Josie would be able to accompany me on some of these trips. I know I like to watch her at work; I’m sure her presence, and her wonderful work, would help to draw people to our booth.

Eda has offered some of her recipes for the upcoming Coker Creek Elementary School cookbook. Since I can’t find her recipe for biscotti that I must have filed under “S” for “Somewhere,” I’m hoping one of Eda’s offerings will be instructions for baking her biscuits. I think Mary’s going to share a recipe for one of her special cakes. If the rest of the contributing cooks are anywhere as good a Richard, Eda and Mary, this cookbook will be worth whatever is the cover price.

I’d love to start a Coker Creek version of a craft school. With all the wonderful Appalachian arts available here, and the fact that I’ve already been approached to teach cooking, we may be able to get a group going as early as this summer.

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