Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day of Driving

With a day of driving there’s little to say,
Unless excitement happens on the way.
When behind the wheel, excitement’s bad;
This was the least eventful trip that I’ve had

I got to Rachel’s, making good time,
Where she gave a Sarah Boynton book of rhyme.
She fed me chili and we had a chat.
As usual, my bed was off limits to their cat.

Sarah practiced piano while her sister complained.
My enthusiasm for the conference was poorly contained.
I got downright giddy as I showed them my buys
Of pieces of needle art that are quite the prize.

My children both think its good I’m going home;
They feel I need some time on my own.
Richard is soothing, that is quite true
And I have much work still left to do.

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