Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scott's Supper Club

I contend that Scott celebrates every day that ends in the letter “y”, and that he usually celebrates at least twice a day: when he wakes up still breathing and when all his people get home from work and school. I also think that Scott creates a party no matter where he is or what the occasion. Buffy took exception to my claim that every night there’s a party at the Yardy family home. She says it’s more of a supper club without all the formality. I always thought that supper clubs moved their parties from the home of one couple to the homes of other couples in succession.

Scott contended from the first improvements he made in his back yard that he was creating a showroom of sorts to display his pool and patio backyard design business. I was doubtful that he really had a plan for marketing his business, but the joke’s on me. I think he sold a pool to a former neighbor while the shrimp pot was being brought to a boil.

Today we have another celebration to create. Michelle missed Miya’s birthday party at Miya’s mama’s house, and she’s been working every time Miya was at her daddy’s house since the party. She has declared that Sunday’s celebration will be a birthday bash for Miss Miya. Miya and I will be baking her favorite chocolate cake and lasagna is likely to be Miya’s supper of choice, as this is another favorite food for Miss Miya to cook with her granny.

My niece Melanie is desperate to have a couple of hours at home without her two toddlers, so I’ve offered to take the toddlers to Scott’s where Miya and I will entertain them. Miya is quite the little mama, and calls herself the baby boys’ future babysitter. I’ve long thought that nine years old is a good age to start supervised baby sitting; it’s the age Rachel was when she got started.

It’s still too cool to swim in Scott’s pool, so maybe we’ll walk with the babies to the beach five blocks from Scott’s house. Melanie’s two-year-old, Harold, calls the gulf the “big water” and loves to go look at it. His one-year-old little brother, Gabe, is never still, so one way to keep him under control is to strap him in a stroller and move him. Otherwise, he’ll keep you moving, but in a much more random pattern.

I see very little of Nick, except in passing. Nick is obsessed with lacrosse. He practices with anybody he can recruit to throw the ball, and if he can’t recruit any players, he’s bouncing the hard rubber lacrosse ball against any handy fence. Even when not throwing, Nick incessantly twirls his lacrosse stick with the ball in the head. This earns him a quick trip outside where there are less things to break, but nothing is indestructible where Nick and his lacrosse stick are concerned.

Scott’s house is surrounded by wooden fences, all with holes and missing boards – evidence that Nick, his lacrosse ball, and stick have been there. It’s a good thing his dad is handy, and that part of his backyard business is fence building and repair.

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