Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Returning to Our Roots

We are hitting the road again;
We’ll be gone for a solid week.
It’s time to clean the fridge
Before the microbes reach their peak.

There’s lots of food for Mamie,
And lots of goodies for Jack.
This should tide them over
Until Richard and I get back.

Mary wanted potatoes that had
Begun sprouting out of their eyes.
I offered, in addition, a butternut squash
For its seeds, and as an edible prize.

Richard went over to Mamie’s to
Remove last year’s tomato cages.
In this gardening business everything
Has to be done in proper stages.

I hope that by the time we return
Richard will be able to plow --
That is, of course, if Mamie doesn’t
Decide it needs doing now.

Now that spring has sprung it’s hard to
Leave the Cherokee Forest splendor.
But with our roots growing deep here,
We feel like real community members.

We’ll have fun away with old friends
But we will surely be coming back.
None of them will ever replace
Mountain Mama Mamie or our Jack.

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