Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are we Losing Louisiana?

We are once again crying
For the Louisiana that we love,
As the scent of salt marsh surrenders
To the stench of an oil slick.

The nesting birds are dying,
As are their future generations.
The land animals may not
Have anywhere else to live.

How do we continue
Testing fate the way we do?
Building ever more dangerous
Ways to wipe out our world.

How much worse would this disaster be
If the well was not gushing oil?
If, instead, the fuel was nuclear
Spewing from its gaping maw.

Then the young that are being killed
Would be our own children;
And there would be nowhere left
To live in safety on our earth.

1 comment:

  1. You make me think! Life is only as good as we make it. With God's help, which we only need ask, life will be renewed again. We can only pray for the best. This oil spill is aweful and could have been prevented but America seems to want it's nose in every country but our own. I pray to God, that our children and theirs will never have to experience nuclear surrender.
    God Bless Your Week