Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Meal of Memories

I made a most marvelous breakfast
With little bits of leftovers
A piece of grilled chicken from
The lunch I’d taken to Rachel
Only to find that she’d already
Eaten a school lunch meal.

I added a pile of beef brisket
From the Mexican birthday dinner
With my Rachel and her Sweet Sarah,
And then squash, onions and peppers
That Richard had enjoyed for a supper,
And a bit of pimento cheese spread
That was threatening to go to waste.

After beating up a bunch of eggs
Produced by Mamie’s chickens
I poured them over the remnants
Of several remembered repasts.
This became a nice frittata --
Really a meal of memories.

1 comment:

  1. ho,ho,ho.... That actually sounded good. That is the way to treat left overs!!!
    Of course I would have had no way to know what to call it.

    Funny when I burned my hand, after it was all over I looked down and the words to am ad came to mind:

    "No ands, no if, no buts it 'Cajun's' fer dem burns and cuts." Heard it a million times.
    Take care.