Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Musings

I guess I’m glad that my children no longer need a mother.
I never felt like a mom; I’d prefer to be a brother.
Brothers aren’t told to stay at home and to rock crying babies.
Sitting still is an exercise that often makes me crazy.

I always had too much to do when my children were at home.
Now when I visit their homes, I’m often left too much alone.
They have school and soccer, piano lessons, lacrosse and dance;
Their busy activity schedules hardly give us a chance
For hello hugs, games, or talking -- then our extra long good-byes --
No matter how much we wish for it, and everyone sure tries
To make more time for snuggling, conversation and some singing.
I miss their voices that used to be so constantly ringing
With their sweet laughter and with such sincere little child requests --
When they still thought that Granny and Mommy always know what’s best

It wasn’t until I was Granny that I began to see
When I took the time to be still, babies really did like me.
I spent much time rocking little ones when my kids had babies;
I found that it was a great excuse for my being lazy.
Now, it’s not until the summer and other big holidays
That we can all bask in our vacation time leisurely ways --
Mornings in pajamas with coffee and cocoa by the pot
Evenings spent at blazing campfires with s’mores, or maybe not,
Snuggling in the rocker or sometimes on the living room couch,
Singing karaoke until everyone’s voices run out

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m glad that I did become a mother
Even though I’ve often thought God mistook me for another.
I am lucky that my grown children still want to be with me
At our home with our kids and grandkids is the best place for me.

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