Thursday, May 13, 2010

Planting Our Produce

Richard on a tractor -- a welcome sight --
He got the ground ready so that I might
Finish our planting before night could fall.
With Mary’s seeder there’s no need to crawl;
I rolled along the rows with many seeds;
This was so much less work than hoeing weeds.
It seemed much like magic as I planted;
A reprieve from bending I was granted.

Twelve tomato plants now stand in a row.
Lots of potatoes have begun to grow.
Lettuce, beets, and carrots all peeking out.
All the other seeds are waiting to sprout.
With a bit of rain, sun and a God’s favor
We’ll be eating veggies with more flavor
Than the offerings coming from afar.
Many tomatoes will soon be in jars.

Our grape vines now sport tiny grape bunches;
We like them for jams, but not for lunches,
Except with peanut butter and some bread --
No better lunch sandwich is to be had.
The fruit trees were not bitten by a freeze;
There will be jellies under Christmas trees.
Now we weed and watch and wonder and wait
For all these goods things to end up on plates.

1 comment:

  1. My Oh My, you are so good at your poetry.
    I love to read of your days expressed so fluently. Keep them coming for us less poetic.