Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buffet Blunders

The Ruritan supper was a lot of fun;
I set the buffet up wrong before we’d begun.
The people who usually do the set-up
Must have trusted that I wouldn’t mess up.
But they really erred in this assumption;
I often have less knowledge than gumption.

If something needs doing, I just jump in and do.
The messes I’ve gotten into are more than a few.
The burgers were where the greens should be;
The coffee resembled a pot of hot tea;
I didn’t know where to find the drinks.
Being new on the job without a boss really stinks.

I almost never pay close enough attention
Unless I hear my responsibilities mentioned.
By the time Greta arrived with her expertise
It was too late to make changes, to say the least.
I can follow the old ways when I know what they are,
But the people who teach them better not stray too far.

I always seem to see things a little askew,
But for almost sixty years it’s gotten me through.
Next time I may arrive fashionably late,
Or maybe I’ll develop the patience to wait.
Or maybe the folks who like things just so
Will know better than to let me run the show.

1 comment:

  1. I like the prose confession!!!! That should help some with the critics.
    I learned by doing at church and office parties. Now I NEVER complain as long as someone else is taking the blame and complaints. LOL

    WEll, it's for sure, yougot an A for effort, but the coffee like tea? For a Cajun that is a SIN!
    Love it!