Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finding a Fro

We went to a flea market to find a fro.
“For what?” you say, “did you go?”
Is it a hairdo for curly hair,
Or a direction, as in “to and fro?”
Well, my friend; you’re not even close
To both guesses, I’ll answer, “No.”

When Jack showed Richard his fro,
Richard began to lust for one.
He wasn’t sure what he’d do with it,
But it seemed like it would be fun.
While showing this old-time tool to friends,
Male bonding would be done.

Then Jack was on a mission
To find a fro for his friend.
And when Jack begins a project,
He won’t rest until its end.
Richard now possesses the tool
Whose purpose is to mend.

You see, the old-time roofs
Were protected with wooded shakes.
But how does one replace the ones
That develop cracks and breaks?
A fro is the wood slicer
That this job ideally takes.

John loves to work with wood,
Even while he’s on vacation.
He whittles in every port of call
As he and Mary travel the nation.
A fro for the workshop at his home
Would give him great elation.

Hence the trip to search the stalls
Of vendors of antiques and junk.
We searched, and asked, and perused
The contents of many a trunk.
We finally found a flawless fro --
Well, the flawless part may be bunk.

But John is happy as a pig in a pen
He’ll be able to play “Stump the Chump.”
How many of his Midwestern friends
Will even have a hunch
About this tool from Appalachia?
Quite the game to play at lunch.

1 comment:

  1. Now that is a catchy poem, or is it a song? The cagin or cajun poet.
    'This prose must come naturally,
    like that of mohamid ALI!'

    You are especailly gifted, we always enjoy the poems.
    Thanks and love from the other side of the Smokies.