Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Sessions at the Saloon

I know that a saloon is supposed to serve liquor,
But at Charlie and Deborah’s they don’t.
The musicians and groupies couldn’t pack in thicker;
At least, we always think that they won’t.

But people keep coming from so many miles around
To share bluegrass music and laughter.
It’s an original Appalachian mountain sound
With playing by newbies and masters.

There’s lots of music for making even grown men cry;
There’s gospel and faith music too.
There’s original music to give it a try
With a welcoming audience and volunteer crew.

The food is fabulous, brought by players and fans
Who seem to all be very good cooks.
Deborah and I are now formulating future plans
For their recipes to be a book.

Charlie on stand-up bass is a grand sight to behold,
But we all clamor for him to drum.
I don’t know about his performance, in days of old,
But he plays now without any rum.

An occasional buck dancer or happy clogger
Joins in with a quick dance or a jig.
There’s lots of material to use as a blogger
At Coker Creek Saloon’s Bluegrass gigs.


  1. Love the sassy mountain poetry and the message you send sounds like a lot of fun. I love the way you spread the word.
    Good entry, makes folk mad they missed it.
    Take care. (TYping with ice pack on the shoulder, looks funny for sure)

  2. I've heard so much about Coker Creek from you and the two Jack Darnells, I surely need to visit.
    You make it all so inviting
    Have a Bluegrass Week