Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is There Anything as Oppulent?

Is there anything as opulent as a big bouquet of blooms
Carefully arranged in vases, gifts from friends far away?
Hydrangeas which always remind me of the joy I had in Jane
Are viewed in vases from Terry Sue and Les and his wife Gayle.
Sunflowers set spectacularly under the copy of a collage
Mimic the flowers in the artwork that Sheila made.
I pine for the good times we shared in Louisiana
And for their friendship in times of greatest pain.
All of us are scattered like pollen on the winds
It’s soothing to see their faces as I gaze on my bouquets.

1 comment:

  1. I noticed how appropriately you used Wind in scattering you guys.
    You all have shared a most unique experience by association. There are so many still unsettled.
    I wonder if you will ever go back?

    But then again, there is the statement you can never go home again.

    The changes always depress!