Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Gift of Soup, With Strings Attached

I cleaned the freezer out of last year's veggies,
Forgetting that the green beans had strings.
I made wonderful tasting vegetable soup,
With its own dental floss, of all things.

Richard suggested that I add some heft,
So I added a good bit of spaghetti.
The extra cooking softened the strings,
So I guessed the soup was then ready.

I gave some to Mountain Mama
Who said of strings, she's not afraid.
She liked the part about having built-in floss;
She is certainly not a bit staid.

Since we had about four gallons,
There's enough soup to be shared;
Although we'll have to be careful of those
Who of stringy beans might be scared.


  1. Another post that brought forth an open chuckle! One of my brothers would choke to death on the "dental floss". As a child, he would take out the beans and pile both the strings and hulls on the side of his plate. Not me. I would scarf it all down with delight! Thanks for the memories.

  2. Only sissy's string beans. hahahahahahaha

    Great entry and poem, you know how to produce a subtil smile or laugh!

    Take care Do you consider Papadeaux's real Cajun? Never eaten there but my friend says it is the BEST.
    TAke care and keep everything quiet there in Coker creek.