Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Sexy at Sixty

We celebrated Darling Deborah with all her favorite foods;
She's had a really rough year, so we wanted to lift her mood.
We made the most chocolatey chocolate dessert we could find
And pulled a devilishly delicious shrimp pasta recipe from my mind.

JJ, Billy, Eugene, and Cassie with her school girlfriend
Created a birthday pageant that was really the living end.
They crowned Deborah Birthday Queen and draped her with a cape,
Presenting gifts and flowers and, of course, that chocolate cake.

All sang happy birthday before we settled down to feast.
The musicians were in fine fettle, so Deborah's joy increased.
When we saw her last she was smiling like a little pixie;
She's the first of my friends who is still sexy at sixty.

1 comment:

  1. I like that, Sexy at Sixty. Glad I know someone who is sexy at seventy. But I do like the sexy at sixty!
    Hang in there, 'twill be thee one day!