Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebration of Creation

If you haven't seen the sunrise over the Ocoee,
You haven't seen Southeastern Tennessee.
The mists that masked the mountains
Linger on the low-lying lakes,
Veiling their deeply serene beauty,
As the bridal veil does the virgin's face.

My soul sings with the wonder of
Another chance to become again pure.
Arise, New Day, unveil yourself;
Express your celebration,
For today is another perfect presence
In the whole of Earth's Creation.


  1. I love a person who is ready to face the day! I am always ready to face the day as long as I can sleep in until 9 or 10.

    However I have arisen early and there is a mistic beauty for the early riser.

  2. I love these mountains - but you know - there is also something to celebrate in the stillness of an early morning fog floating over the South Louisiana swamp full of critters large and small!