Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Circle of Serenity

I heard from a few friends back in Tennessee;
They checked in to say that they miss me.
I'm humbled by their open shows of love,
A gift of emotional manna from above.

I was due to face one of my long-time foes
That I am bound to for as long as life goes.
I needed the support of those who checked in
To know that I'm coming home to new friends.

That way, I can face my long standing fears
With those who I used to hold so dear.
I was able to be cordial, without worry
That I would be provoked to fury.

I am blessed by the love of so many friends
That I'm able to continue finding fences to mend.
Whether broken by me, or broken by others;
I continue to seek healing with my sisters and brothers.


  1. I thought about you today when I visited "The Old New Orleans" Site. Picked up the following:
    On Rampart Street in New Orleans,
    Somebody's callin' for me,
    I can hear that gang of mine
    Singin' sweet harmony.
    How my heart does beat
    To get to Rampart Street!
    New Orleans, New Orleans, I'm comin' home to you,
    New Orleans, New Orleans, ain't nothin' else to do.
    I'm gonna tell you true -
    I'm not bluffin' - there ain't nothin'
    I love like I love you!

  2. Great bitter sweet poem. You describe life as it is for most of us humans. There is always a fence to mend it seems, and as you put it either broken down by us or others, it still should be mended.

    Hold it Fred, we are close. Maybe monday we will hit the Cafe du mode for beneighs and strong chickory coffee. I can hardly wait.

    So take care 'Y', and do what a girl must do!!!