Monday, December 27, 2010

Conscious of Christmas

I'm happy I know the ways of Jesus;
He certainly gave good examples to us.
This is as it is meant to be,
As we strive for eternal life to see.

Our forefathers were given a path to follow
But we continue not to be perfect, and so
We were given a brother who would not sin
To allow all the Spirit's light to shine in.

The Spirit of wholeness and pure delight
Is what gives humans our special might.
We must choose our path; we each need example.
The ways of most of families are not ample.

For seeking perfection is a process;
The tribes of Abraham have done their best.
The line of David produced a man
To be an example of the Eternal Plan.

We are still left to find our way:
Jews, Muslims, and Christians today,
All come from the same blessed line.
Hopefully we'll reunite, in time.

The Holy Spirit is how we succeed
In finding the peace for which we plead.
It isn't a contest for who is right;
It's a question of whether we want the Light.

I don't call myself Muslim, nor Christian, nor Jew
Because I haven't become one with those who do.
But I seek a common message of hope and love
In all I encounter as through this world I trudge.

So let us each be our best selves,
Sharing grateful hearts and the love that dwells
In all who seek a heavenly plane
In which humanity will be freed from pain.

It begins with each of us searching our hearts
For a peaceful place in which to restart
Our earthly relationships on a higher plane:
In our own little worlds, Paradise to regain.

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  1. That is good!
    Do you think in rhymes????? It amazes me what you come up with!

    Take care, we hit the road in the morning, headed for Florida.