Saturday, December 18, 2010

Days of Delight

We fill our days with lots of gladness,
Which may look to others like pure madness.
First a tour of a true southern home,
Which welcomes all who into it roam.
A fireside chat with a prolific author,
While his cats beg for treats in their saucer.
His wife beaming, as well she should;
They've created a life that's very good.

Two hours of lunch with best friends,
Lots of bridges we seek to mend.
Then off to shop in a little boutique
For that "little something" so unique.
My man comes home from a day of labor;
Volunteering is what he tends to favor.
Supper and chatting with our hosts,
Before we hand our dreams over to the Holy Ghost.


  1. It is easy to tell you are having a ball renewing, loving , repairing and just enjoying the season of friendships.

    Love from NC

  2. And your heart has filled.