Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forget the Familiar

Forget the familiar;
It will only produce pain.
Our challenge as adults
Is to begin again.
The milk we drank was poisoned
By our parents' strain.

Oh, how easy it would be
To be like dad or mom.
But we must address the wrongs paths
That our parents' lives have formed,
Before our children's children
Accept this as the norm.

We understand how they became
So very lost and confused,
But we still cannot forget
How their children were abused,
Or how it turned a child's faith
Into feelings of being used.

Am I my brother's keeper
Or my sister's saving grace?
What is expected of those
Who have looked Satan in his face?
Are we to fight, flee, or stand firmly
In our Savior's place?

How I long for the answers
To these and other quests.
Until I hear a clear voice,
I can only do my best
To hold those who are crying
And pray for our souls' rests.

1 comment:

  1. Y, yes, the milk that Adam and Eve drank was poisoned, but as God promised He would do he sent the anti-dote which crushed the head of that ol serpent. (See Genesis 3:15) Even tho it's somehow different for me - since my parents found that cure to sin before I came along, I do not want to be (nor do I have to be) a carbon copy of my parents. I am free to choose my own path of life - but must stick to the one reliable "road-map" (the Bible) for pioneering my own direction. Forget what others expect and do what you know in your heart is the right thing for you.