Thursday, December 9, 2010

A World of Wonder

Cuddling with cute kids,
Conversing with collegiates,
Spumoni shared with my niece.
Coffee in my son's kitchen,
Painting with his partner:
A world of wonder for me.


  1. I too would say that these are a few of my favorite things, except the spumoni. I don't think I have even heard of it, after looking it up, it sounds delicious, so it too could be a fovorite thing to me, should I ever get a chance to try it.

    And yes those things I am sure are a wonder to you

    Love from North Carolina, are you cool enougn!!!????

  2. Oh My! I love that ice-cream. Italian is good. Cajun may be better. Our Christmas gift (mine and my siblings') from Mom this year was a special meal at the Walden's Club in Chattanooga - red beans and rice, gumbo with lots of hot Chachere, vegetable medly, shrimp, with custard and/or banana pudding for dessert! Bon apetit!