Monday, January 24, 2011

Exit Earth Mother

Now I've been told that I'm an enabler, which I'm sure is true.
I like to get people to like me by doing what they ask me to do.
Some call me the fairy godmother, others the wicked witch;
It depends on their perspective, and how I scratch their itch.

I don't build up to a crescendo; I'm here and then I'm gone;
The changes I leave in my wake leave some feeling quite forlorn.
So, I've decided that a little of me time goes a very long way
I usually get into trouble when I'm tempted to stay.

I'm like a walking meth lab, and apparently as dangerous
Explosions happen all around me and I cannot hear the fuss.
Until the toxic waste of these bombs chases all away,
And I'm left with nobody with whom I can play.

So I hide in my room because I don't want anyone hurt,
But when bullies enter the playground, my passions start to perk.
I usually come out flailing to protect the weak
And when the fighting's over, I'm told to take a seat.

The disciplinarians see me as big and strong;
The bullies act so meek, it looks like I am wrong.
But all I want is to make sure that the babies aren't harmed
I didn't know that I could cause such wounds without being armed.

I guess there is a reason they say the pen is mightier than the sword.
Whether spoken or written, it seems the mightiest weapons are words.
I am trying to sit back and stop fighting the battles of others;
I have to keep reminding myself I am not the whole earth's mother.


  1. Yes, trying to be everyone's protector will get you in trouble every time! The world needs more people willing to step in and help those being bullied. Don't exit just yet. ☺

  2. Stay. You are needed. I have been told that I am an enabler...perhaps so, but if it keeps my babies from harm and hurt, so be it. I will protect them to the end. I will keep my door open. But, I will take my 'Me' time too. Great entry. You hit home.

  3. Good words to live by. Protect the underdog and give him time to breathe and grow.
    Another good one.