Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peace and the Paraclete

I happen to be a jump-for-joy type;
This isn't to everyone's taste.
Some people require a more peaceful approach;
They get tired of my version of grace.

My daughter calls it "buzzing";
My teachers thought me quite bad.
My grandmothers and mom thought me awful,
And said I was just like my dad.

It was actually my mother who
Had the attention span of a flea.
I'm afraid that she passed her
Hummingbird ways down to me.

I love to be with peaceful people,
But sometimes I just bust a gut,
Trying to hold in my passion
For staying out of a rut.

Rituals make my stomach feel jumpy,
My son said it quite well.
There are many well-churched people
Who think we're both on a path to hell.

I'm trying really hard to stay away
From those who I make itch,
But I sometimes have the feeling that
It's the Holy Spirit making me twitch.


  1. My sons would have said in the 80's, "Y that is BAD".

    I think you describe yourself quite well in prose. I think you think in prose or Rhyme.

    I love the poem how it express a lot of folks lives, that the 'normal' people don't understand! They just say, "Y'all are crazy".

    Take care and stay warm

  2. I had to laugh at your post - but not in a critical way! I've experienced that bubbly joy that made/makes me do things others don't understand ... but normally I'm more laid back and not so impulsive. Impulsive and spontaneous is so much more fun. ☺☺☺☺☺