Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rejection and Resetting

Why do our babies fight us when they don't need us anymore;
Can't they say, "I'll call you" and gently close the door?
Why do they act as if they always knew how to walk?
Are words of angry rejection why they were taught to talk?

Dare I take the chance of finally saying, "No more";
To find out what values bind us at our core?
Love is not a feeling; it's action and a bond,
I can deeply love a person of whom I don't feel fond.

It seems that when we have opened our souls to our friends,
The relationships are not strengthened; rather, they're bound to end.
The pupa can't become a butterfly without being set free.
I pray that the reset button leads the butterflies back to me.

Sometimes I'm told that I make my own hell,
A lightless dungeon in which I often dwell.
I always see a glimmer, no matter how far away.
When the darkness scares me, I grab a friend and pray.

1 comment:

  1. I must say, your poem brought back some bittersweet memories. Even after they leave, and stay away for even years, they will return. I understand your pain. Patience is for parents, it's something we learn through the years. The reset button works.