Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best Deaths

A friend I've not met called me today,
As her beloved father near death's door lay
She knows what he wants and she believes in The Light,
But she still wonders what actions would be right.

There are few things as sad as feeling alone
As we send our loved ones to their Eternal Home.
We want to be there for their final breath,
But these moments put our faith to a great test.

How do we remain happy as we say our final good-bye,
Without showing our grief, no matter how we try
To be joyful because they are released from pain,
Knowing we'll never hold their bodies again?

The face, the voice, the laugh, the smells
That said homecoming, within us dwell.
We know that it simply won't be the same
If we never have their physical bodies again.

The best way to handle death, that I have found,
Is to gather with family and friends all around,
To celebrate our memories as we say good-bye
Instead of waiting for eulogies after they die.


  1. And it is very well said, give them the roses while they live.

    But also to remember the wonderful times and the smiles along with the hurts, but remember!

    Yes you said a lot!

  2. Very good thoughts. I love the focus on celebrating the memories as we say good-bye.