Monday, February 14, 2011

From Wheels to the Waterfront

I now find myself packing to live in an apartment, that I've never seen, not much bigger than our RV. The biggest difference is that this living space is on the water, rather than on wheels. And we'll see the same piece of property every day. It's hard to know what one needs to leave and what to take on an open-ended adventure such as this. I didn't have this problem when we lived in the RV; all that we owned traveled with us.

I began with buying a two-slice toaster and a coffee maker at a thrift store; according to Richard the apartment kitchen is too tiny for a four-slicer. There is no tub, but I'm assured that there is a shower, so towels will still be in order. But what towels? Do I dare break up the matched sets for this house, now that I have most of our house in the holler looking casually coordinated? And where are my beach towels, now that I'll live close to the beach?

I guess we'll be looking at bare walls, as I'm sure that, upon leaving, there's a penalty for putty. At least I'll look out the window upon water, even though it's the marina, not the lake. Not a knick-knack will I take; any apartment too tiny for a four-slice toaster surely doesn't need decorative do-dads. I guess it won't be too bad not to have pictures of my people when I'll be seeing their faces in the flesh.

Without pots and pans, I clearly can't cook. But if I start creating a kitchen, where will that lead? I'll have two sets of everything from salt to cinnamon, and I'll have to move everything again when we get more settled, or in three months when the lease runs out. Maybe I could make do with a pressure cooker and a frying pan. Oh, but I can't cut without knives, and there's no stirring without spoons. Richard suggested that I bring the ingredients for three great buffet-worthy dishes, and rotate them for different occasions. I say that maybe we won't entertain; my friends just roll their eyes and say, "Yeah, right!"

My plan is to be living large (and growing large) with all the restaurant choices in the area. I'm sure that I can get us invited to use the kitchens of friends if I really want to whip up something homemade. I have several junior chefs who love to cook with me, so this could kill two birds with one stone: Lots of kid time and home cooking. What could be better than that?


  1. I love your adventurous life. Yes living in the RV has that advantage, everything you have is here.
    It all sounds like fun down to the small apartment, YOU can't run far from Richard, and vice versa! Which may be the case here! LOL

    You guys will enjoy what ever you take. And happy trails as you continue your life of ADventure.
    The Best to you two, and remember to keep us informed!!!
    Love from Florida

  2. Happy times are awaiting you and Richard. Love that setting - at the Marina. Will that be on Lake P? I was at "New Canal Lighthouse" on the Lakefront back in the late '50s - just before my assignment to Biloxi where we met Jack and Sherry.