Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laughter in the Hereafter

I really think it's great that you have high standards for yourself,
But I don't think it's fair that you impose them on someone else.
Each one of us is born with weaknesses and talents;
I believe Our Creator knows how to keep these things in balance.

It isn't seemly for you to expect the same strengths in me as in you;
If this had been the case, there would be nothing for one of us to do.
Christians are taught that Jesus is the final arbiter
About whether we fulfilled the mission that we were meant for.

I can no longer watch you ridicule those that I love,
As if you were the high priest sent from up above,
To declare who is good, and who doesn't make the grade
We're all being the best we can with how we were made.

So, you can relax now about whether I'm good enough;
You can use the energy to take care of your own stuff.
I may not see you very soon in the sweet hereafter,
But I hope that, one day, I will bask in the Creator's gentle laughter.


  1. I think of a sign I once saw,"If you want to make God Smile, tell him your plans!" signed Minnie Pearl

    We sometime do judge our fellow man by our standards, to our own hurt! Problem it is sort of a natural thing! Shame such as it is!!

    Love from the dreary side of Florida!

  2. Jesus did not come to be an arbiter...nor did he send us to be judges of others qualifications. He came to become the sacrifice for my sins. He came to forgive all who will accept His love freely given! And Yes, you will bask in his laughter in eternity if you simply trust Him.