Monday, February 28, 2011

Social Sunday and Soup

We're in deep mourning for a friend lost on Friday,
But our grief was made lighter in a "Social Sunday" way,
When a couple of our young families came to visit and play.

Harold and Gabe were delighted with their new found cousins;
Not only the preteen Corinne, but her dad Tom became fast friends,
While their dad James was in the kitchen, mixing magical food blends.

Our nieces compared notes on teaching methods and books;
Nik is currently teaching school, and for wisdom, Mel looks.
A little bit of introduction is all their conversations took.

The meal that we enjoyed was fit for queen and king:
Salad, jambalaya, ribs, and fried chicken wings;
The kind of joy I had hoped that "Social Sunday" would bring.

Is there anything more sacred than a family joyfully breaking bread,
Celebrating the lives that their beautiful families have ahead?
This is the sort of fellowship for which I believe we all are bred.

Richard was under the weather, but still he enjoyed the group,
Even though frequent naps took him often out of the loop.
A visit from friends and family can be more soothing than chicken soup.

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