Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reflecting on Reflections

It is impossible to be out in nature and to experience total darkness. Even the darkest night is aglow with the moon, stars, glow worms, and fireflies. We may not see them through the clouds, but we know they are always there. I may choose to enter a cave, or sleep in a dense rain forest, but the light always beacons me to come out and dance. Light is like that; you can never fully quench it because something will always hold onto a bit and reflect it back when you're ready to see again.

Water and sky reflect each other as the moon reflects the sun, and at the farthest point on the horizon, they become one. This is the a perfect example of circle of life. The water that makes up the clouds is only a little time away from it's source. Or is it that the source is only a little while a part of this earth?

This is a most wondrous thing about our environment. We can never really know when one thing ends and its alter egos begin. And it all begins with a breath of warm hitting a breath of cool raining down on us the essence of life on earth. Makes me really believe in a Source of Creation that can only be comprehended as "The Breath of Life" or as "The Light".

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  1. Funny you should mention the water reflecting the sky. I never quite understood that some water appeared dark or dingy up close, but from a distance it was a beautiful blue. As a kid I used to hold sea water in my hands and it was clear, I wondered where the blue color sent.
    Many evenings at sea I watched the beautiful sea I loved blend with the sky on the horizon, manytime it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began.
    Love the entry 'Y'.
    Hope you and Richard are doing well and plans are proceeding as you want.