Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wonder of We the People

Is it true that they were "The Greatest Generation",
These people who lived "The Great War" of our nation?
Have we, too, not answered when we have heard the call,
Seeking to create justice within our own country's walls?

We withstood the killing off of our childhood God
That left no eternal father to hold us as we sob.
What makes The New Almighty happy is not suffering,
But promotion of the peace that justice will bring.

And what about the people who used to be our slaves?
We are now teaching and rocking their innocent babes.
And the women held hostage by their masters at home
Are now promoting justice with the skills they have honed.

Our military and their families who were spit upon
By our country that was ashamed of wars we hadn't won
Have won the right for all of us to choose our own way
To show our love of God and country before we join the fray.

There are very few leaders who themselves are true or brave,
But we still fight for the justice that humanity craves.
Against the voices of greed and fear that encourage hate,
We push back with the passion that makes our people great.

It is the courageous individual standing for what we believe
Bonding with others against those who promote hate and greed.
We have changed the very fabric and face of our nation
To more closely resemble the diversity of all creation.

Diversity is, in the end, what makes a species strong.
We have fought to redefine the tribe to which we all belong.
America still embraces change because, not only they, but we
Have kept up the quest for justice that defines our liberty.

1 comment:

  1. A good description in prose of the lofty goals of liberty for all.

    Not what it can be, but still the best nation by far to live in.