Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heading Home

We're packing up our sleigh and heading to Coker Creek today.
We are still working in Louisiana, so this won't be a long stay.
We are going to honor Charlie and hear Bluegrass musicians play.
And my little sister Deborah and I have so much we want to say.

I have webbed feet; as a Cajun, I don't do mountains well.
I feel so isolated at night, I feel I've fallen down a well.
It's not that my man doesn't love me and protect me from all beasts;
It's that the forest has many night sounds that I like the least.

We're looking forward to seeing friends who are much less wimpy than I.
They, unlike me, don't see wintry ice and snow and begin to cry.
A nighttime emergency on a snowy night has made me quite mountain-shy,
But the Appalachian Mountain way of life, at least I did try.

I watched a bit too much Dorothy and her Scarecrow and Tin Man;
I know the Wizard of Oz had nothing on the magic of my man.
But what of me without him, all alone in this dark place?
I wish I could handle my phobias with a bit more adult grace.

Will we ever be settled down in one place for life?
I think that's not in the cards for Richard and his wife.
All our losses have convinced me that nothing on earth is lasting
Our destiny may be roving until our own day of passing.

1 comment:

  1. Nice you are getting your ' Coker Creek ' fix, complete with Bluegrass.
    I think my only phobia are the poisonous spiders and snakes...the weather, sometimes.
    Snow here again, so we still await spring as the sand trucks pass by on the highway...freezing rains too.