Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homes and Hearts

The wonderful thing about family is that they share a history;
This is also the most awful, as they share things we don't want to see.
It takes a lot of time and love to separate the joys from the pains,
Hopefully, coming to place where we can all relax again.

Our niece Marjerrie is visiting us in our mountain hideaway;
I'm already dreading the acceptance that she can't permanently stay.
But it is only a short time until we're reunited with old friends,
Those who never seem to be waiting for us to make amends.

We can relax in the presence of those who have known us forever;
They love us even when we're down and aren't feeling clever.
We have had to walk away from so many homes and fresh starts
I'm hoping that soon we'll settle in to that which fills our hearts.

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