Saturday, May 14, 2011

Like Laughter from the Seas.

Unfurled flags flying freely,
Boughs bending in the breeze,
Sunlight skipping on wild waters,
Like laughter from the seas.

We welcome cool crisp days,
While we await the summer's heat.
If only we could store these energies
That the summer will soon deplete.

Ah, the gifts of nature
Bring such joy before they're gone.
We should grab the gusto while we can,
For soon we will surely mourn.

But mourning is an opening
To the pleasures from our past;
It is a way to relive events
That were never meant to last.


  1. Very philosophical writings. Hope you and Richard are o.k. down on the lake. Don't wait too long to seek higher ground!

  2. Hi Y, Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the posts, been pretty busy, but mostly tired.
    I always love the prose and poetry (One day I will learn the difference!! LOL)