Sunday, July 31, 2011

Take It Easy, Greasy

Take it easy, Greasy, we have a long way to slide.
I like to travel with those who enjoy the ride.
Anticipation of ecstasy and the afterglow
Make the joy of anything have a greater glow.
When we're in such a hurry getting to the finish,
There is so much detail in life that we miss.
The planning of a shared event is half the fun.
There's no point in playing catch-up once a project is begun.


  1. That line must have a lot of endings. Ours was take it easy greasy , it's a slicky day.

    But the heart of the entry is truth. We have found planning and talking about an adventure is about as much fun as the adventure itself.

    So let's make this a goood ride. Like splitting your sides at Ponchetrain Beach!

  2. That line was used in an old guitar blues type song my Dad used to do. It said, "If you want to get to heaven, let me tell you how to do it. Grease your feet with mutton suet, step right up in the devil's hand, and go slidin over in the promised land." Then the chorus was: "Goin easy - good'n greasy - take it easy greasy - ya got a long way to slide!"