Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sights of Summer

My little family is back at the pool;
Granny in her pink hat, looking cool.
The baby boy jumping into her arms,
Knowing she'll allow him to come to no harm.
The young mother teaching her daughter flips,
Not once does her ability slip.
Then she throws her daughter as far as she can,
The child squealing with laughter since it began.
Another mother shows up with camera in tow,
Her pre-teen daughter has a summer tan's glow.
I will miss the people having such fun
When the winter doldrums have begun.


  1. But thank goodness you have a little while longer before the winter doldrums set in, but not long before we head for Florida.

    Back in the flat lands and Our RV port is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, never had something like this, like a kid in your pool, can't wait.

  2. You can always move back to the mountain and watch the kids having fun with their snow-sleds, ice skates, and other winter toys. Watch as the Moms and Dads start preparing for the long nights of winter in front of the fireplace with a pot of hot cocoa and home-made brownies! Or hang out at the Center while promoting Jack's books! Maybe you could put some skis under your car and slide down off the mountain - just for the fun of it! ☻