Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Slipping Away

Now that the children are returning to school,
Will I see nothing but an empty pool?
And what will I watch instead of young sailors?
The harbors too small for racing Boston Whalers.

Maybe the multi-generation family,
Whose babies look too young for academies,
Will still take their afternoon swim;
I get a lot of pleasure from watching them.

In the cooler early morning hours,
Long before the daily summer showers,
There are people jogging in the sea breeze
And many walking with dogs they pretend to lead.

There's always something to watch,
Looking out my window near the docks
Simply observing the ripples on the water
Often restores serenity to my thoughts' order.


  1. Nicely put. There will always be something for the creative mind, that stirs some ones into poetry.

    It has always been strange to me how two opposites, water and fire, ease the mind.

    When no water fall or running stream is available, a campfire is soothing to watch.
    Love from NC

  2. When school starts up each fall there is a definite change in the scenery here. Our grandchildren will be back to college and too busy to come by as often as we grandparents would like. The teacher daughter will be back at her desk. But there is hope - hunting season begins again the last day of this month and I will be in the forest more often.