Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dogs, Don't Walk on the White Sand

My girlfriend wanted to take her pups
For their first-ever romp on the beach.
I was thrilled to be included
Because so much beach is in reach.

I took a ride down the Mississippi coast
Only to find, to my chagrin
That now they've cleaned their beaches
Dogs are no longer welcomed in.

The neighborhood where we lived
Before Katrina stole our home
Has a small beach on the lake
Where dogs are free to roam.

It was delightful watching her poodle
Challenging the waves.
I only wish I could have taken them
To the miles of white sand about which I'd raved.


  1. Didn't realize there were dog free beaches, more than likely ruinded by someone who would not clean up the beach avter the dump.

    Some folks can ruin it for all.
    Love from Florida
    Sherry & Jack

  2. Shame that fences have to be put up and "keep out" signs have to be posted!