Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flash Flooding and Flashbacks

The storm is bringing back memories all across town
Of Hurricane Katrina, in which our pasts were drowned.
Everywhere we go, people are reliving the terrors
That, in many cases, were caused by human errors.
Levees were built poorly and not properly maintained;
The pump operators were sent home, so the city wasn't drained.
There were lives lost; amounts of property lost is untold.
Those brave enough to come back aren't feeling very bold.
These winds, thankfully, won't become hurricane speeds,
And, to quench a marsh fire, this deluge is what we need.
But, we know that, in a blink, it could happen again,
As we count the inches of the pounding rain.
We feel a bit safer perched on the second floor;
The furniture isn't ours, so we'd leave and lock the door.


  1. I can only try to imagine the feelings of you guys who suffered loss of so much, physically and mentally. hang in there and rebuild.
    Love ya!

  2. That's gotta make us wonder if the levees are strengthened this time. And will there be committed workers who will man the pumps at all costs? Only the brave will do what you have done and go back and face whatever life brings.