Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodness Gracious Grandmas

Nobody ever asked in our family, "What do you want to be?"
But as an adult I knew what I wanted was to be a granny.
We sat at the feet and worshiped our grandma in her chair,
And talking back was something that I would never dare.
My daddy, her husband, and my uncle made great fun of her emotions,
But she enjoyed the luxury of my mother's complete devotion.

We had another grandma who came over to help with us kids,
But she was treated as "domestic help" for all the work she did.
This was not a place of honor in our completely chaotic home;
I was able to understand why this widow chose to live alone.
I've spent my granny years vacillating between the two;
I wasn't sure which of their shows of love was more true.

My deceased sister said it was the love of the grandma who came to us,
But our other grandma, over her grand kids, made a bigger fuss.
I do know that as a youngster, I drove them both quite wild
I was never a "sit silently worshiping" kind of child.
It is so strange to me to now come to realize
How much I do like these two women by whom I thought I was despised.


  1. Amazing how you can bring out a deep seated feeling in family structure, as I read I was picturing the two I had, one, Granny, a doting sweet thing and the other, Grandma, a sweet lady, but one in authority.

    Love the entry as usual. Hello to Richard!

  2. This entry made me wish to be at maternal grandma's rocking chair, listening to her wisdom. The other grandma died when I was in 5th grade and we only were able to visit her twice in a year, at most, for we lived 500+ miles away.