Sunday, September 11, 2011

It Ain't About Tea; It's About Defining Free

We seem to confuse what it means to be free
With a belief in absolute anarchy.
To be free to do what, to only one, makes sense,
Comes with terrible consequence.

And the creation of leaders who claim divine rights
Has brought our republic to a terrible plight.
We elect heroes who don't play by our rules,
And make the hardest workers look like fools.

We don't need those who were born to privilege,
Their good luck in their births being their edge.
They may think they're modern day Robin Hoods,
Braking laws, believing it's for the public good.

Maybe it's time for true democracy
Where each of our actions is our responsibility;
Where we're held accountable for following common rules,
Beginning with regaining control of our schools.

The language of commerce is, by default, English;
Common language to communicate is a must.
And order is not only an English concept;
It is the way that we show each other respect.

We will always need common laborers;
Those who fail in the classroom can join this corps,
But we must stop being fooled by the wealthy
Who in, robbing hard workers, are very stealthy.

It is we who pay taxes who are paying for them
To lord their status over honest women and men.
The rich and powerful are not our friends;
Our fear is that on which their power depends.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave
We are not put here to be our leaders' slaves.
We don't need blustering hypocrites
Who lie to us as if we're all half-wits.

They threaten if we don't do what they say;
With their money and power, they'll move away.
I say let them go and don't let them come back.
We have hard working citizens to take up their slack.

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