Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Blunder

We had a birthday party for Waggy --Richard and me.
What she wanted to eat seemed simple as can be.
But I messed up with a comma where interpretation was free.
She said "I want a kitchen sink salad w/ all the
Veggies, meat, cheese, and pasta. And carb smart ice cream.
We set about creating what I thought was her dream.
One of Richard's salads that would be sure to delight,
And a pasta primavera should be just right.
I shopped for every veggie I could put in the pot
And Carb Smart spaghetti to fill the pasta slot.
Imagine her surprise when she thought pasta in salad,
And spaghetti for primavera was all that I had.
Richard's salad pleased her; she even took pictures.
She seemed to enjoy the pasta without her strictures.
Then her ice cream, we topped with fresh raspberries.
I hope she was happy with her birthday fairies.

1 comment:

  1. Waggy must be wonderful as a friend. Being thrilled over a 'small' mistake. hahaha

    Sounds like it was all a tremendous success thanks to Richard! (and thee)

    Take care over by the LAKE.