Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wonderful Whirlwind Waggy

Wow! What a whirlwind we've brought to our house in the holler. My friend since I was five came with us for a visit as we prepare to put our mountain home on the vacation rental market. She said that she needed a vacation from her duties taking care of her eighty-five-year-old father in Louisiana. Never have I seen a vacation quite like the way Waggy does it.

As soon as we arrived, Waggy announced that she wanted to attend Deborah's twice-a-week exercise classes. These aren't senior citizen stretches; this is a wonder woman workout. Like this isn't enough bending and stretching for anybody, Waggy also accompanied Judi to a two-hour Yoga lesson on an off day for exercise class. This is Waggy's idea of relaxation. Now for what she does for fun...

Thus far, she's cleaned cobwebs, washed windows, prettied up the porch, done loads of laundry, bailed and scrubbed buckets that had collected stagnant water, and painted the back door, swept, mopped, dusted, and generally kept things clean while I pack. She's also willing to help tote boxes to the heap of things coming south with us. This is all worked around her at-home exercises and caring for her two active house dogs.

My recently deceased eighty-four year old mother, who lived next door to Waggy's dad for over fifty years, used to say, as she watched Waggy work on her dad's house, that everybody needed a Waggy. Now I know what she meant. Wonder woman has nothing on our wonderful Waggy.


  1. Waggy does sound like a wonder. Watching someone like that still makes me tired!!!!
    Glad you have the Waggy there in the Mountain home. I am sure it livens up the day!!

    Sounds like a whirlwind indeed, but a friendly whirlwind!!!

  2. Well, no wonder the wind was blowing so hard down this way! I'm glad you had/have Waggy with you. One of the toughest chores on earth is to move one's "stuff". Then clean up the place after the last piece of furniture and box of things has been loaded. We've been out of our box and down into Alabama all week. Just got back about 2:30 or so this afternoon.