Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Looking Less Lady-Like

My physical therapist is teaching me to
Do many things I thought I knew how to do:
Sit, stand, and walk in a less "lady-like" way.
"Lady-like?" Me? I don't know what to say.
It seems that I need a more athletic stance,
Not a pose like I'm preparing to dance.
I was taught to hold up my shoulders and head
But my swayed back gives me the pain that I dread.

The athletic stance may look more aggressive;
This is a trait in me that was never recessive.
So I've tried to appear more delicate
Because I seem to scare some folks a bit.
Those I don't scare seem to want to fight,
So I've tried to stay out of their sight.
Rather than fight 'em, I'll feed 'em again,
As soon as I can manage to stand without pain.


  1. Here is hoping the therapist gets the right adjustment in place and the pain in your backside goes away. Or is it the behind.
    I have a friend who lived so long in the Bayou Couontry he says at my house, friends use the Behind door.

    Anyway Hope you get altogether BETTER!
    Just remember, "For every thing, No if's no buts, its 'Cajun's' fer dem Burns and cuts." (I cannot remember the rest of the jingle I heard on the radio so often.)

  2. Dr. Tichener's is the answer! LoL. I do hope you're feeling all better soon.