Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a Lovely Way to Spend a Day!

I’m working on a Christmas sewing project for Sarah, and Josie agreed to assist me with it. I walked into their home greeted by the heavenly scent of fresh cinnamon rolls, which Josie was in the process of baking. Can a home get more welcoming than that?

I presented Adam with a perfect pear for him to tend until it ripens. Even though I included an instruction manual for care of his pear, he suggested that Richard should make house calls to assist with what Josie refers to as “proper pear preparation.” Richard has his own pears to hatch, a skill that he should have, since he grew up on a chicken breeding farm. Unlike eggs, thank goodness, we don’t have to turn the pears; just watch and wait.

Josie and Adam have an absolutely glorious studio that serves as her craft center and his office. With windows on three sides, light pours into the space which is completely covered in pine: pine floors, pine walls, pine cupboards. The whole room glows with warm shades of gold.

Adam made café au lait with real Café du Monde coffee and chickory. As we sipped our coffee, Josie was back and forth from her cutting table to her computer to her cozy kitchen; at the same time, working on my sewing project. Within an hour, she had figured out the solution to my problem, baked several pans of cinnamon rolls, three loaves of challah, and a loaf of cinnamon bread. Talk about multi-tasking! Adam couldn’t take it any more, so he left to retrieve lunch.

When fellow crafter, Jenny, arrived Josie pulled out boxes of fabric swatches for Jenny to peruse. I had met Jenny on several occasions, and had purchased one of her lovely carved signs for Gayle’s garden. As we chatted, Jenny shared with me that her deceased psychologist husband had written a book on personal spirituality, one of my favorite topics. She’s looking for an agent to help sell her copies of the book. I’m looking forward reading his work, with the hope that I’ll be interested in representing it.

As we moved on to other topics, Josie pulled out several purses she’s making, along with the buttons that she’s made to adorn them. While we chatted, Josie sanded and polished her buttons. Adam was due back with lunch, so I took my leave. I still haven’t put up the first Christmas decoration, and we’re supposed to have rain for the rest of the week.

Before I left, Josie gifted me with a pan of cinnamon rolls. She and Jenny were going to work until two, when Josie goes down for her nap. When she rises, she’s onto even more creative projects. She’s an exceptional nature photographer, in addition to her culinary, seamstress, clay work, and quilting talents. Now wonder she needs a daily nap!

I got the porch lights and garland up. There’s hope for a tree before Christmas, if I can just finish Sarah’s gift…

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