Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daisies to Dandelions

First there were dandelions; now there are daisies
Honeysuckle, goldenrod, yellow buttercup.
They dot the land along the highways and byways,
And have much of the pasture grasses covered up.

Blackberry brambles are a riot of white blooms;
The rains have made them especially prolific.
The big juicy berries should be coming on soon
For cobblers and jams that will be so terrific.

The seeds that we have planted should sprout any day,
Then the weeding and staking are sure to begin.
While the sun is shining, we are not making hay,
But we are looking forward to crops we'll bring in.

Raise your voices and sign praises for the seasons
Of growing, though they may seem to be very short.
They help us stay tuned to our Mother Earth’s reasons;
In this, we are blessed that we can play a small part.

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