Thursday, May 20, 2010

Salivating for Summer

I was treated to three quarters of an hour with Rachel and her third grade students. Rachel has had the same students for two years now, and is grieving over losing them next year. She did admit that she thinks changing teachers may be in their best interest since they are beginning to act like her own children – not bad, but a little mouthy – which some adults may frown on. Since Rachel’s birthday is on the last day that these children will have school this year, and I won’t be in Atlanta on that day, I brought brownies and we all celebrated Rachel’s birthday together. What a joy it is to see Rachel in her child-filled environments!

I planned to take Rachel’s family out to an early birthday dinner, but it ended up being just me, Rachel and Sarah. Larry was getting new tires and Rebecca was studying for finals. As Rachel says, if we wait for all members of her busy family to do things together, we may never get to do anything. We had a lovely time at dinner, but the real fun began when we got home.

I had bought Rachel a cute exercise outfit, which her girls insisted that she try on. Rachel has always been one of the least vain women I know, so there was no way that she would think of seriously modeling any item of clothing. She came out of her room doing some kind of combination dance/ exercise number that was quite hilarious to watch with her bouncing, bending, and stretching all over the kitchen and dining rooms. Larry was quite embarrassed with all the talk centered on whether or not built-in sports bras are actually supportive.

I now sit here being serenaded by Sarah on the piano. She won’t be having a recital this year; she’ll perform a jazz rendition of Amazing Grace at church instead. I love hearing child-produced music playing in a home. Rachel wanted Sarah to pursue her music for the sheer joy of being able to produce these lovely sounds. It seems to be working. Many times, when Sarah has a free moment, she sits at the piano and plays. Sarah and her cousin Nick are also saxophone students; I hope this will equate to saxophone serenades for me this summer. And maybe Miya can do a dance number while Sarah and Nick play.

Summer on the water in Louisiana used to be filled with kids wet from swimming, crabbing, and boating in Lake Pontchartrain. Granny Camp In the mountains has its own set of adventures. We haven’t gotten them all planned yet, but Mountaintop Mary, Josie, and Gold Digger Bill have signed on for some activities.

I wonder if Eda will teach them to bake biscotti or those waffle cookies that she does so nicely. I know Mamie’s garden and gathering eggs will entertain them, and Jack’s knowledge of the surrounding woods and wildlife is sure to be a hit. Come on summer!

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